“The Voice” Press Conference

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“The Voice” press conference “Top 12″ from AndroidTV 2015.


Today Interview

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The judges on “The Voice” – Blake Shelton, Pharrell Williams, Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine – talk to Carson Daly to talk about the show’s latest season. Pharrell says the show “has an amazing ability showing people who are diamonds in the rough.”


Interview from the “Nashville” set

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Christina discusses her return to acting on the set of “Nashville”.


The Voice 2015 – Coaches Up Close: HeForShe & Outtakes: Week 7

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The coaches reflect on female artists in the music industry as a part of the HeForShe movement plus what you didn’t see during the playoffs this week.


Nashville 3×18 Promo “Nobody Knows But Me”

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Nashville 3×18 “Nobody Knows But Me” guest starring Christina Aguilera – With the arrival of his former fiancee in Nashville, Jeff finds himself face-to-face with Jade St. John (played by Christina Aguilera). A powerhouse pop-star in Nashville on tour, Jeff is forced to revisit his past and work with the woman who once played a large role in both his personal and professional lives. Meanwhile, Deacon continues to cope with his cancer diagnosis – a secret that weighs heavily on his family — especially Maddie, who struggles with the news herself. While Juliette is eager to get back to work following the birth of her daughter, she quickly finds balancing motherhood and a music career challenging to say the least, while Avery struggles with his own responsibilities and his Triple Exes bandmates, on Nashville, airing Wednesday, April 15th on ABC.


The Voice 2015 – What You Didn’t See

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Watch some of this season’s unseen silly moments, stumbles and off-the-cuff fun from the coaches, advisors and artists.


The Voice 2015 – Outtakes: Week 5

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Ever wonder what you DON’T see during the knockouts? Here are our favorite moments!


The Voice 2015 – Christina Retrospective Part 5: When I Knew

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When did Christina decide to be a singer? Straight out of the womb.


The Voice 2015 – Christina Retrospective Part 3: Stripped

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Christina discusses the album that proved to be an artistic and personal breakthrough, “Stripped.”


The Voice 2015 – Outtakes: Blinds Week 2, Battle Preview & What You Didn’t See at the Blind Auditions

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Just because the blinds stop, it doesn’t mean the cameras stop rolling. Here are this week’s outtakes!

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